Friday, November 03, 2006

The Old First Steeple

A local Park Slope photographer has made a webpage which features photos of the Old First Steeple in different seasons, weathers, and lights. I don't know who this photographer is, but the pictures are beautiful. I love the way the light changes with the clouds and time of day, and the way that the light brings out the different colors of the stone. There is even one picture of the steeple in a snowstorm. The photos seem to be taken from a rooftop on, say, Fourth or Fifth Streets, and the perspective is wonderful. Click here to access the link. The Old First Steeple is an extravagance of an earlier age. No church would build such a thing today. Our culture prefers tall business buildings and condo towers. Let's be grateful to the members of Old First of 110 years ago who invested in such a thing of beauty beyond their own horizons, and such a sign-post of transcendence, the yearning of the earth for heaven.