Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Hymn about the Transfiguration

This is by Rev. Kathryn Davelaar, the incumbent at the Reformed Dutch Church of Claverack, NY.

God’s Holy Mountain We Ascend

the tune is WIE SCH├ľN LEUCHTET

God’s holy mountain we ascend, where truth and love together blend;
how fair God’s holy dwelling!
God’s people, we assemble here in holy love and childlike fear,
all clouds of hate dispelling.

With Christ, in Christ,
interceding, ever pleading our salvation.
Father, hear our supplication.

Upon God’s mountain fairest heights, God’s chosen people Christ invites
to enter here God’s dwelling.
Where once the loaves were multiplied, where heaven’s manna God supplied,
all loves Christ’s love excelling.

Christ lead us to this holy hill where you fulfill your Father’s will
in perfect expiation.
Here we recall that festive meal that Christ these mysteries may reveal
in joyful celebration.

Windows and Worldviews

Every Sunday an angel comes into our church to comfort and encourage me. This angel comes through the east Rose window above the balcony in our sanctuary. I have written about this angel in an article which the magazine called Perspectives has just very kindly published. You can access this article on line by going through this link to "Windows and Worldviews."