Saturday, February 21, 2009

Windows and Worldviews

Every Sunday an angel comes into our church to comfort and encourage me. This angel comes through the east Rose window above the balcony in our sanctuary. I have written about this angel in an article which the magazine called Perspectives has just very kindly published. You can access this article on line by going through this link to "Windows and Worldviews."

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Cotton Wool & Silk said...

Since I left my pastorate at Third Reformed Church in Holland, ever since then, I have missed that sanctuary's windows. Hope Church had 3 beautiful rose windows (no images) and there were 5 windows on each side of the sanctuary under two of the "roses" that held images of bible characters -- all male. Although John the Evanglest looked very feminine and I always pretended the child with Jesus in one of them was a little girl. The congregation I'm beginning to serve, has a clean and proper New England Congregational look to it. Spare and beautiful. But what I miss, are Third Reformed Church's windows. Since I was the associate pastor in a congregation that barely let said associate preach very often (4 times a year -- 5 if I was lucky, I spent many worship services sitting in the pew by the lectern -- facing the last window. It held a glorious image of the Ascended Christ. And THAT window clearly blessed me, silently and slowly, as such icons do, with an assurance of the reign of Christ.

I loved your article.