Monday, May 07, 2007

Squad One

Hooray for Squad One. Park Slope people know. But do Park Slope people know how far they go?

I sit at my window in the mornings, at home in Windsor Terrace, looking out over Prospect Park Southwest, almost in Kensington. Often I'll see the Squad One truck racing down P.P.S.W., off to somewhere south in Brooklyn.

Did you know they go this far? Of course you had an inkling, you knew they went to the World Trade Center, one of the first, and that fourteen died there. But then they weren't the only truck that went there, so maybe you thought it was extraordinary.

But apparently it's normal for them. I don't know how often they go to Manhattan, but I do know, from my perch above Prospect Park Southwest, how often they to to places in Brooklyn most Park Slopers have never been to.

John Wesley said, "The world is my parish." Well, for Squad One it's not the world, but it is a lot of Brooklyn. Hooray for Squad One.

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