Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Gibbsville Transformers

What a wonderful week it was at Old First. We hosted the Transformers, a young adults group from the Gibbsville (Wisconsin) Reformed Church. They refurbished our main chandelier, and did eight other projects too.

There are 108 light bulbs in that chandelier, but God's love shone through 63 young adults from Wisconsin this week, filling our old church building with light and life and love. And music. And laughter. And scripture. And joy.

Let me recommend you to their blogs. Go to, and check out their two links. The first is the running journal, by Chris Wensink. The second is their photo record. You can also check out the comments in Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, by Louise Crawford.
I loved having these folks here this week. I love their leader and pastor, the Rev. Luke Schouten. Thank you. And God bless you.
I should add what else they did. They built a new staircase to the tower room. They cleaned out the steeple and put wire mesh on the louvers. They painted the steeple stairwell. They built a new inner door for our handicap entrance. They redid the floor of our handicap washroom. They cleaned and graded and gravelled our back alleyway. They repaired the front steps. They witnessed to people in NYC. They praised God and studied scripture and talked to our neighbors, passersby, and visitors.
That was the week that was.

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