Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Vacation

I will be taking a break from posting to this blog through the end of July. I will be on vacation in Canada (or as we say it there, "on holidays in Canada"). Thank you, Old First, for this time off (with my wife) to rest and recuperate.

We had another full week at Old First, hosting young people from Drayton and Cambridge, Ontario, as part of our Project Samuel program. They came to live in our church for a week, and volunteer at CHIPS and at Neighbors Together in Bedford-Stuyvesant (two blocks from where I grew up). They said they had a great week. They learned a lot, such as how to use Metrocards on subways and buses, how to get anywhere in New York, and how to express their Christian faith in service to the poor.

Catch you in August, eh.


becca said...

Have a wonderful, peaceful, restful time at Bobs Lake! Say hello to the white pines for me.

Old First said...

Ah yes. And I found a couple more volunteers. Plus, this summer has been very wet, so there are very many mushrooms. Which the red squirrels seem to like, along with their pine cones. Rufus the red squirrel leaves pieces of mushroom around on the deck, the steps, and then goes back to eat them.

This year I learned about slime molds. The little puffballs they make down by the boathouse are not slimy!