Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More on the Pastor and the Homeless

I should be flattered, and I am.
This was the editorial cartoon in the November 4, 2007, edition of The Brooklyn Paper.
(Do I have automatic permission to post it just because I'm in it? Does my caricature belong to me?)
If you haven't been following the story, the three men who see, speak, and hear no evil, are more or less Robert, Will, and Frank, I guess.
Read the story in the web edition of the Brooklyn Paper. The headline is, well, unflattering, but then I have to remember Luke 6:26. And the story itself is accurate enough. Only we're not "Reformed Presbyterian"!


suz said...

Reformed Presbyterian. I'd like to join that denomination! Thanks for sharing this with us.

RogueMonk said...

Well, I hope The Brooklyn Paper sells its fair share of newspaper from that piece.

I do like your caricature. You should add it as an avatar to your official communications with the RCA.

More seriously, I hope and pray that you can navigate through the issues. Irregardless of the paper`s piece, the issues are complex and rather wide.

Blessings, RogueMonk

nittenaway said...

Glad to get connected to you cyberspatially Dan! Thanks for the cartoon and link to the Brookly Paper piece. Courage and peace to you. Say "hi" to Melody for me.

I "found" you through our (now) mutual friend Paul Miller.

IrvingD said...

What do you know, Dan! I bumped into your blog as I did in Prospect Park one lovely Sunday afternoon with my family and dog. You've certainly got a dilemma with the Mssrs. Evil three.
I would have never described you as the "leading liberal minister" as did the paper, but then in the spirit of "The Christian Century," you have perhaps changed your mind over the years? As for me, I have changed in a more catholic direction and may possibly wind up Eastern Orthodox or return to Rome before long.


Old First said...

Thanks for writing, Doug.
I wouldn't call them "evil," though.
As for me being a leading liberal minister, I was really surprised to read that. I think of myself as orthodox. I love Holy Trinity, I confess the Virgin Birth, I heartily believe in the Resurrection, etc. etc.

But as my daughter said, "Dad, you've got a rainbow flag on the church sign, you had an Imam lead half your service on September 9, so face it, in normal terms you're a liberal.