Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I just had an article published in Perspectives, A Journal of Reformed Thought. This is the theology magazine of the Reformed Church. You can read it online here.


James Brumm said...

Nice article. I'm not sure I agree with your statements on the RCA as a denomination distancing itself from the tradition, unless (and this is arguable) you are speaking of the General Synod and the General Synod Council as the denomination. If that is the case, I might argue that the denomination has rejected its tradition, but most of the RCA as a church has not.

Old First said...

You are very kind James.
And perhaps more optimistic and kindly than I am.
I think we do not love our tradition, not if love is expressed in care, nurture, and the application and investment of resources, even at some cost and sacrifice. I don't think our love for tradition is "formative" for the RCA. As a denominational system, we don't regularly drink from our tradition's wells. I don't think we delight in our tradition. I think we treat it like an old Buick in the extra garage; we like to show it every once in a while, but not much more than that. I mean the RCA as a whole corporate culture and system, notwithstanding the strong love on the part of some individuals. Like yourself. Like myself.