Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Other Career

I don't know why these photos got posted in reverse order, but the top one should be the last one. This is from the Jinglebell Jamboree of 2008, the community holiday concert at Old First. That's Ethan Schlesser and myself. I'm the Garfunkel to his Simon. We're performing his song-and-dance number, "At the Jinglebell Jamboree". He's at the piano, and behind us is our band, the Bilger Family Band (they're "The Band" to our Bob Dylan; ha ha.). That's Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn Borough Presient, who's our chief fan.
Ethan wants to do this again. Well, it brings out a part of me I had put behind. The last time I took stage was at the Sayville (Long Island) High School musicals. In 1970 I was the first tenor in the quartet for The Music Man. In 1971 I was Marryin' Sam in Li'l Abner. Strange, in that role I played a renegate preacher. Hmmm.


Cotton Wool & Silk said...

Oh my. . .would love to have seen that? Do you do something like that every year?
If you do, let me know, it could be worth a trip to the city.

But then again, it probably happened while I was doing my job. . .

Old First said...

Well, maybe we'll do it again. Ethan wants to. I found it much more challenging than preaching. But the Jinglebell Jamboree is a great party, and Ethan is so incredible. I'm his sidekick.


Eric McClure said...

I've never made it to the Jingle Bell Jamboree, but if that photo were on the poster, I'd certainly be tempted. All that plus the Bilgers (I've only heard Hans play, but I hear they're quite the act)!

Old First said...

They're a great act and great fun, and they do play most years. They also play frequently at Perch on Fifth Avenue, under the name Megafauna.

Jim Bratt said...


Please, please keep your day job. Besides, the gloves, the hat, or is it the red bow-tie, call up images of actors playing the big guy from the dark side, or his earthly imp. Don't want to invite church discipline, what?

Old First said...

Please allow me to introduce myself,
I'm a man of wealth and taste.
Been around these many years,
Laid many a soul to waste.
Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name,
What's troublin you is the nature of my game.