Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daughter of the Regiment

Am I the only one not convinced by Diana Damrau's performance of Marie in the "Daughter of the Regiment" at the Metropolitan Opera? I mean, I enjoyed it, this Saturday afternoon, on WQXR, and of course, I didn't SEE it, so maybe I shouldn't even say anything, but from what I could hear, it sounded to me like a lot of forced funniness.

What a great voice, yes, but when you watch Damrau's performances on Youtube of, say, Glitter and Be Gay, she always seems to try too hard.

Ja, ich weiss das du Deutsch bist, aber, "Lighten up."

Juan Diego Flores has that wonderful light tenor voice in his role as Tonio (with the famous nine High C's), and it would seem to me that the Marie should be as light and delightful as the Tonio.

Ah, everybody's a critic.

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