Monday, July 05, 2010

Thanks for the Time Off

Dear Friends:

1. My previous sermon I had posted on July 2, but I considerably revised it in the preaching, and that version is now posted in its place.

2. On Thursday, Melody and I will leave for a couple weeks' vacation at Bobs Lake, Ontario. After Melody comes back to Brooklyn to work, I will stay at Bobs Lake for a week of reading (Kiergekaard, among others) and then two weeks of writing. Thank you, Old First, for your wonderful support.

3. One of our young church members, Derek Keire, said a wonderful thing to me yesterday morning. He's only six, but this is what he said: "Pastor Meeter, I still get thrilled every time I get to go to church."

Do you see how I have the best job in the world?

Love, Daniel


amarilla said...

Enjoy the Kierkgekaard. If you wind up penciling up your copy, toss me an excerpt or two. (I have little time for reading this summer.)

Old First said...

It's his wonderful book, Works of Love. Challenging, wonderful, and often funny. I just finished his chapter on loving the dead. Just great.

Cotton Wool & Silk said...

Oh, for those thrilled children! We DO have the best job in the world. . .