Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Being gay is not a sin." - Matthew Vines

"Being gay is not a sin." - Matthew Vines. This video, of a young man who spoke at Marble Collegiate, is well worth the hour watching. Clear, calm, compelling, Christ-centered, respectful, passionate, Biblical, faithful. His exegesis of the Romans, First Corinthians, and First Timonty passages is excellent. His presentation supports the stated position of Old First Reformed Church.


Anonymous said...

Being same-sex attracted is not a sin. But this video goes far beyond that, and has been criticised by many for many reasons. Same-sex attracted people deserve happiness just as much as opposite-sex attracted people, but pretending that the Bible supports homosexual relationships, will result in confusion and acrimony. ‎

ClassicMovieFanatic said...

Confusion and acrimony are only coming from anti-gay, un-Biblical, "Christians" who insist on reading the Bible with a bias.