Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Guest Post: Why I Volunteer, by Phil Alexander

I was asked to serve on the 2nd Mission Committee by Pastor Meeter. That committee, as you may know, is dedicated to creating adult education programs for the congregation and the community.
Well, I don't know if it was kismet or fate or the Holy Spirit, but I told Pastor Meeter, “You don't know how perfect I am for this job.” He didn't know at the time I had a lot of professional experience creating professional development programs for adults.
On the committee, I got the chance to work with a few members of the congregation, and develop friendships, pray together, and to find a new way to put faith in action.
But I'm not here to speak about the benefits that I experienced while volunteering. I want to look at the topic of talent. Last time, Jessica Stockton Bagnulo spoke about us giving of our treasure, time, and talents to the church. I found that because my volunteering aligned so easily with my talents, it was easy to give of my time.
So, I'd like you to think about what talents you have that you can contribute to the congregation. What are the things that you can do that might help this church move forward? Do you have specific skills in writing, or numbers, or organization that might be of use? Or, are there any under-developed talents that you're looking to grow?

I'm sure there are enough jobs to do that a place could be found for you. And if you focus on what your talents are, you might just have as a rewarding experience as I've had. Thank you.

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