Sunday, April 22, 2007


Julia Durgee goes to Old First, and she's an artist, an illustrator, and a cartoonist.

Julia has a wonderful style and vision and look of her own. I love it. I haven't seen any cartoons that are like hers.

Julia agreed to make some cartoons for our Seventh Avenue bulletin board. She puts a new one up every few weeks. I encouraged her to build them around a continuing character. So they're about Julia, of course.

And they can be open. They can explore. They can comment. They can simply express and rejoice. They don't have to make a sermon. All they have to do is help us love the world.

Now we get to have them posted here as well. Jessica Stockton knows how to do it (I don't.) You can look forward to new ones showing up here.

I am so happy that Old First is a congregation in which people can use their gifts.

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