Saturday, April 21, 2007

Roller Shoes

I was walking in Astoria this morning, in the bright sunlight, on my way to a church meeting. Something happened that gave me great joy.

A boy and a girl were walking in front of me. He looked maybe ten, she looked twelve. They were both wearing backpacks, like for school. He was dressed "western," but she was in a long dress, and wearing a hijab, the Arabic headscarf.

All of a sudden she pushed one foot forward and started rolling. She had on roller-shoes. She went step - roll - step - roll. Right up to the doorway of the Astoria Islamic Center. And quick and smooth they opened the door and in they went.

I praise you O God for these children, and for that Muslim girl and her roller-shoes.

(And for Jose Reyes who just beat out a bunt to second base!)

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