Monday, February 04, 2008

Our New Homeless Ministry at Old First

God is good.
All the time.

In just a few months, God has taken Old First from a place of frustation to a place of joy and satisfaction.

Thanks to the notorious Three Homeless Men of Old First,
thanks to Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn,
thanks to Rabbi Andy Bachman,
thanks to the Department of Homeless Services, NYC,
thanks to Common Ground,
thanks to the interest of our own congregation,
thanks to the new Park Slope Coalition for the Homeless,
and thanks to God,
"Our shelter from the stormy blast
and our eternal home,"

we were able to rejoice two weeks ago (January 22) in being able to help begin to solve the homeless problem one person at a time. We were able to host, at Old First, the "Home Team" event, which, among other things, found homes for 28 people.

See the Common Ground link, and check out the "more photos" link. I love it that this was going on in our sanctuary. Makes the place kind of holy, don't you think?

That's our own Pat Caldwell, one of the volunteers, who was able to give real help, long lasting help, to someone she's been giving quarters to for years.

We hope to do more of these.

God is good,
all the time.

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James Brumm said...

And thanks, though you're too modest to acknowledge it, to you, Daniel. As I've followed along in your blog, I've noticed you have,from the beginning of this saga, and despite naysayers and opposition, you have been steadfastly looking for God at work in all of this, and how your flock could be Christ's hands and feet in that work. Well done, pastor!