Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Kids Are Getting Ready For Dutch Day

Eric is learning Psalm 42.

You think it's easy? Here's the lyrics (it's antique Dutch of 1563):

Als een hert ghejaeght, O Heere,

Dat verssche water begheert;

Also dorst myn siel oock seere,

Nae v myn Godt hoogh ghe-eert.

End spreeckt by haer, met geklagh:

O Heer waneer komt die dag,

dat ick doch by v sal wesen,

End sien v aanschijn ghepresen.

Seeking water, seeking shelter,
gasps the thirsty, weary deer;
So my soul, in days of trouble,
longs for God’s refreshment here.
In this stressful course of life,in its loneliness and strife,When, say I, will God deliver;
is his mercy gone forever?

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